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Riva Mounted half-hull relief sculpture | Riva Boutique
The roots of the Riva half hull lie in the most authentic sailing and seafaring traditions.
These original, enchanting items were once a permanent fixture in shipyards, yacht clubs, museums and sailing clubs.
Still today they can often be found hanging on the walls of these quintessential yachting locations with dozens of other little masterpieces in a special “model room” that is entirely dedicated to the purpose.
Half hulls are traditionally associated with the sailing world, but Riva broke new ground by becoming the first to choose to use them to present the elegance and exquisite materials of its motor yachts.
They became decorative features and sources of interest in the homes and offices of Riva owners and the company’s many fans
because they encapsulate the legendary yacht maker’s craftsmanship and unique designs with the vividness of a work of art.
No one can resist the temptation of caressing the varnished mahogany and savouring the sublime sensations. It is something that everybody should experience.
Riva toy - Aquariva | Riva Boutique
Collectors and cognoscenti of the Riva legend will be delighted to hear that the Riva Brand Experience wooden toys collection has a new addition: Aquariva.
This scale model captures a pivotal moment in the brand’s recent history that saw an evolution in style from the classic to the modern. Indeed, thirteen years since her debut, Aquariva is a contemporary refinement of Riva’s legendary mahogany models.
With her fine oak and mahogany, her superb craftsmanship, and her sleek, elegant lines, Aquariva is 11 metres of pure, world-renowned virtuosity.
Ideal for the young and young at heart, this exquisite miniature masterpiece has been recreated in the original woods. It comes with an instruction booklet with fascinating details about nautical terminology and the boat’s main components and accessories, making it a great way to inspire children to take an interest in the wonderful world of boating.
Riva Aquariva lamp Limited Edition | Riva Boutique
The LIMITED-EDITION Riva Lamp is inspired by the Aquariva Lamp, a piece of sophisticated design modelled on the classic searchlight that featured on the Riva yachts of the 1960s (Aquarama, Tritone and Ariston) and is still used on Aquariva and Rivamare today. It differs from the original in several exclusive particulars. On the LIMITED EDITION, the stem is available in two versions: in carbon fibre or fine mahogany. Inside, for another stylish detail, the lamp is aquamarine – Riva’s universally recognisable hallmark colour since the days of La Dolce Vita.
The lamp’s host of exclusive features includes the high-efficiency LED bulb and the touch-sensitive switch with three brightness levels.
In another delicate design touch, the base comprises three overlaid steel sections that evoke the famous Riva prow and open out in a propeller-like pattern.
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Riva Bathrobe | Riva Boutique
Soft, stylish and packed with iconic details, this is a must-have item for use on board the legendary Riva yachts. No lover of the world’s most famous shipyard should be without one.
The Riva bathrobe is the latest addition to the collection of products to wear at home and on board yachts.
Made by Frette from double face 100% cotton fabric with aquamarine piping, two pockets and essential Riva embroidery on the right sleeve, it’s a sublimely stylish creation that can be worn on any occasion. The soft towelling that brushes against the skin inside and the exquisite cotton on the outside make it extremely comfortable and a real pleasure to wear both at home and out on the waves.
Riva iPhone® X/XS, XR, XS MAX Cover | Riva Boutique
For your iPhone® X/XS, XR and XS MAX, Riva Boutique has created a new cover in mahogany with maple inlays, just like the decks of our most prestigious models. The wood finish is applied exclusively for Riva by a master artisan, using a combination of vegetable oils, propolis and natural resins, selected according to criteria of eco-friendliness. The features of the cover are unique: antibacterial, antioxidant, preservative and stain-resistant properties; excellent protection from moisture, sweat, temperature changes and from constant manipulation.
The Riva logo is made of inlaid satin-finish metal.
The beeswax finish makes the cover pleasant to the touch.
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Available in aquamarine and black.
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